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Build an infinite scrolling list of Pokémon

Build an infinite scrolling list of Pokémon

Start by displaying a list of 12 Pokémon.
For each Pokémon, show its name and photo.
As the user scrolls, when he reaches the end of the currently visible items, show a "Loading..." text message and start loading the next page.

You can use the official Poke API to fetch the Pokémon: https://pokeapi.co/
For the images, I suggest using pokemondb, as I found the sprites provided by the official API to be of too low resolution.

const name = 'bulbasaur'; 

(thanks to this Stack Overflow answer for the tip!)

For detecting when the user reached the end of the page, I suggest using the Intersection Observer API.

When you're ready to check your work, take a look at the official solution.