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Build a drag and drop to-do list

Build a drag and drop to-do list

Build a Kanban-style to do list, where you can drag the cards from one column to the other to mark them as "To do", "In Progress" or "Done".

  • app should have three columns: "To do", "In progress", "Done"
  • users can drag and drop cards from one column to the other
  • users can add tasks by typing into an input above the columns
  • users can delete tasks by dragging and dropping over a "trash" area at the bottom of the columns

Focus of this exercise is on structuring the components, sharing the state and the drag and drop functionality. Styling is not relevant - but feel free to "embellish" the app if you want to!

Here is an example of how you would use the ToDoList component:

	{ id: 1, text: "buy milk", status: "to-do" },
	{ id: 2, text: "wash bike", status: "in-progress" },
	{ id: 3, text: "do the budget", status: "done" },
	{ id: 4, text: "call jane", status: "to-do" },

For the drag and drop functionality, you should use DnD Kit

You can get started by cloning the starter repo (just a React + Vite boilerplate): https://github.com/reactpractice-dev/drag-and-drop-todo-list

When you're ready to check your work, checkout the official step by step solution.